SVS Animation Sampler

  • Released Monday, January 27, 2014

The SVS Animation Sampler features a collection of thirty three recent animations created in the Scientific Visualization Studio. A short segment is shown from each animation. The speed of playback on some segments has been altered in order to include more of the original animation in the time allowed. A table enumerating each animation included in this sampler is displayed below. The full animations along with the documentation for each can be accessed through the links listed in the table. In addition, a PDF document that briefly summarizes each animation is available here.

1. CME Strikes the Earth17. GPM Instruments
2. CME Research Model18. Orbits of Landsat-8
3. Moon's Phase and Libration19. Landsat-8 Band Remix
4. Moon's Permanently Shadowed Regions20. Landsat Land Use Change: 25 Years
5. Lunar Topography

21. Chelyabinsk Bolide Plume

6. Global Hawk Measures Convection in "Hot Tower"22. Antarctic Ocean Flows
7. Global Hawk Observes Saharan Air Layer23. Ice-Penetrating Radar
8. GOES-5 Hurricane Simulation24. Antarctic Bedrock
9. Perpetual Ocean

25. Sea Ice

10. IPCC Temperature Projection26. Snow Cover
11. Van Allen Probes View Radiation Belts27. Active Fires
12. Comet ISON28. Drought
13. Lunar Maps29. Nile Basin Water Balance
14. Orbits of Weather Satellites30. Greenland's Ice Sheet Flow
15. NASA's Earth Observing Fleet31. Greenland's Mega-Canyon
16. Landsat-8 Long Swath32. Solar Dynamics Observatory
 33. Earthrise


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