Earth from Orbit 2014

  • Released Monday, April 20, 2015

Every day of every year, NASA satellites provide useful data about our home planet, and along the way, some beautiful images as well. This video includes satellite images of Earth in 2014 from NASA and its partners as well as photos and a time lapse video from the International Space Station. We’ve also included a range of data visualizations, model runs, and a conceptual animation that were produced in 2014 (but in some cases might have been utilizing data from earlier years.) Below is a full list of the images included.

List of images

San Quintín Glacier, Chile. ISERV Pathfinder instrument on the ISS
Bazman Volcano, Iran. Astronaut photograph ISS038-E-25895
Kavir Desert, Iran. Astronaut photograph ISS038-E-47388
Colorado River, Canyonlands National Park. Landsat 8
Arrecife Alacranes, Mexico. Landsat 8
Aral Sea, 2000 and 2014. Terra MODIS
Mount Shasta, California, 2013 and 2014. Landsat 8
Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 2013 and 2014. Landsat 8
Bermuda. Landsat 8
Amazon River. Landsat 5 and Landsat 8, 1985 and 2014
Nepal. Aqua MODIS
Colorado River. Landsat 8
Eastern Mediterranean. Astronaut photograph ISS040-E-74022
Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Landsat 8
Sangeang Api volcano, Indonesia
Super Typhoon Vongfong. Terra MODIS
Namibia. Astronaut photograph ISS040-E-16513
Copper River, Alaska. Aqua MODIS
South Australia. Aqua MODIS
Lake Erie. Landsat 8
Saharan Desert. Astronaut photograph ISS040-E-90343
NASA’s Earth Observing Fleet
Landsat Orbit Swath
Transport of Saharan Dust, conceptual and data visualization
Shortwave Albedo
Stratospheric Ozone Intrusion
Global Precipitation Rates
Simulated Atmospheric Carbon Concentrations
Soil Moisture
Volumetric Precipitation
Landsat 8 Onion Skin
Ozone hole
CCMP Winds
Global Surface Temperature Anomalies
Aurora and Moonglow over W. Europe


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