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NASA Science Live: Galaxy of Horrors (Episode 10)

So it is Halloween, the day of the dead. And to celebrate this chilling holiday, we are taking you on a tour of our galaxy of horrors. First, we’re going to start at the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy and explore terrifying planets that orbit other stars. (roll-ins for this) Then, we'll come a bit closer to home by exploring some of the most eerie environments in our own solar system. Have you ever heard radio waves from Saturn? You will today. Then, we will dive into the dark forces at play in our universe: Dark energy and dark matter.



Scott Bednar (National Institute of Aerospace): Host
Thalia Rivera (JPL): Talent
Tiffany Kataria (JPL): Talent
Kaitlyn Soares (JPL): Talent
Regina Caputo (University of Maryland College Park): Talent
Dominic Benford (NASA/HQ): Talent
Morgan Cable (JPL): Talent
Emily Furfaro (MORI Associates): Lead Producer
Rich Melnick (KBRwyle): Director
Jessica Wilde (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
Scott Bednar (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
John Caldwell (AIMM): Technical Director
Kathryn Mersmann (USRA): Graphics
Michael Randazzo (AIMM): Editor
Chris Meaney (KBRwyle): Audio Technician
Swarupa Nune (InuTeq): Floor Director
Ryan Fitzgibbons (USRA): Videographer
Liz Wilk (USRA): Videographer
Haley Reed (ADNET): Videographer
Claire Andreoli (NASA/GSFC): Teleprompter Operator
James Tralie (ADNET): Support
Michael Burroughs (SAIC): Video Engineer
William A. Langley (NASA/JPL CalTech): Videographer
Colin McNutt (JPL): Audio Technician
Tim Stumpp: Video Engineer
Fred A. Brown (NASA/HQ): Advisor
Matthew Schara (National Institute of Aerospace): Graphic Designer
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