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The James Webb Space Telescope Mission Overview with Spanish & French Version

The James Webb Space Telescope is the largest, most powerful and most technologically challenging space telescope ever built.

The Webb Telescope is so large; it must be folded like origami to fit inside its rocket fairing for the ride into space. Once in space, unfolding and readying Webb for science is a complex process that will take about six months.

Webb is designed to see the most distant galaxies in the Universe and study how galaxies evolved over cosmic time. Webb will study planets orbiting other stars looking for the chemical signatures of the building blocks of life. Webb will also study planets within our own solar system.

The Webb Telescope Mission is an international space telescope program led by NASA with its partners, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.


Michael McClare (KBRwyle): Lead Producer
Michael McClare (KBRwyle): Lead Writer
Adriana Manrique Gutierrez (USRA): Animator
Jonathan North (USRA): Animator
Walt Feimer (KBRwyle): Animator
Michael Lentz (USRA): Animator
Bailee DesRocher (USRA): Animator
Michael McClare (KBRwyle): Lead Editor
Michael McClare (KBRwyle): Lead Videographer
Rick Regan (Self): Narrator
Kristen Carney (Self): Lead Narrator
Begoña Vila (SGT): Narrator (Spanish)
Natasha R. Pinol (Lentech, Inc): Narrator (French)
Katie Atkinson (ADNET): Lead Audio Producer for French Edited Version
Pedro Cota (ADNET): Editor for French Edited Version
Christina Dana (NASA): Audio Producer for French Edited Version
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