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NASA Goddard Hosts Young Women for 'STEM Girls Night In'

Late Friday night, 40 high school girls arrived at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for a STEM-themed sleepover, ready to learn about careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The educational event offered young women a chance to meet working female scientists and engineers and to discover opportunities for women in STEM-related professions.

The teens kicked off the third annual STEM Girls Night In with an astronaut Q&A, talks from NASA women across disciplines and a collection of hands-on activities. The night culminated in a three-hour Mars rover competition and concluded with a late-night showing of “Hidden Figures.” Through events like Girls Night In, NASA strives to increase K-12 involvement in agency projects, enhance higher education, support underrepresented communities and boost NASA’s contributions to informal education.

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