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Available Animations List

These image and animation layers are available through Web Map Services (WMS) on the SVS Image Server. Links are provided to explanatory pages and animations on the Scientific Visualization Studio web site.

Google Earth links are now available here New! Many of these animations are now available to be used in Google Earth. Just look for this link image in the list of animations below. To view these animations properly, the animation slider should be set to its minimal size and other layers such as terrain should be turned off. You may also need to increase the memory cache size and disk cache size within the Google Earth settings. Follow this link to get more information about Google Earth and KML files.

Animation Categories:




Climate Indicators


Human Dimensions


Land Surface


Solid Earth


Sun-earth Interactions

Table of Contents

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     Tutorial Introduction
     Accessing the Table of Contents
     Asking for an Image
     Asking for an Animation
     Asking for an Image Sequence
     Design Considerations - Fixed Size Images
     Design Considerations - Projections
     Styles and Legends
     Metadata - Abstracts and Keywords
     Metadata - Attributions and FGDC Metadata


     Available Animations List