SVS Image Server

Tutorial Introduction

A user accesses the information on the SVS Image Server in one of three ways:

  1. with a standard web browser, which will allow the user to browse the individual products,
  2. with more advanced software that allows viewing the products on an interactive 3D Earth globe,
  3. with any software application that supports the Web Map Service (WMS) protocol.

To browse the individual products, go to the Available Animation List. To view the products in 3D on a Windows-based PC, download NASA's WorldWind software. This tutorial is for developers who wish to create WMS-based software to access the products on the SVS Image server. The tutorial is both an introduction to the WMS protocols and a description of the specific ways that this server implements those protocols.

Using the WMS protocols, the client application asks the server for a "table of contents" and then for specific images, e.g.,

         PC Client - "What animations and images do you have?"
         SVS Image Server - "I have
              +    Global Ozone during the 2003 Ozone Hole
              +    Global Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide in 2000
              +    Cold Water Trails from Hurricanes Fabian and Isabel
              +    African Fires during 2002
              +    etc."
         PC Client - "Give me 'African Fires during 2002'"
         SVS Image Server - "Here are the images:
              , , , etc."

The subsequent pages of this document describe in more precise terms how to access content on the SVS Image Server, starting by expanding on this example.

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Table of Contents

     SVS Image Server Home Page

     Tutorial Introduction
     Accessing the Table of Contents
     Asking for an Image
     Asking for an Animation
     Asking for an Image Sequence
     Design Considerations - Fixed Size Images
     Design Considerations - Projections
     Styles and Legends
     Metadata - Abstracts and Keywords
     Metadata - Attributions and FGDC Metadata


     Available Animations List