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Disappearing Ice

Data may encapsulate the events of a single second or many years; it may span a small patch of Earth or entire systems of suns and planets. Visualizing data within its natural environment maximizes the potential for learning and discovery. Scientific visualization can clarify data’s relationships in time and space.

In this visualization, the issue of the declining sea ice near the North Pole is set in its natural configuration. An analysis of the age of the Arctic sea ice indicates that it traditionally became older while circulating in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska and was then primarily lost in the warmer regions along the eastern coast of Greenland. In recent years, however, warmer water in the Beaufort Sea, possibly from the Bering Strait, often melts away the sea ice in the summer before it can get older.

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Lead Visualizer:
Cindy Starr (GST)

Walt Meier (NASA/GSFC)

LK Ward (USRA)
Walt Meier (NASA/GSFC)

Lead Multimedia Designer:
Horace Mitchell (NASA/GSFC)

Stuart A. Snodgrass (KBRwyle)
LK Ward (USRA)

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NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

AMSR2 data courtesy of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

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Data Used:
SHIZUKU (GCOM-W1)/AMSR2/10 km Daily Sea Ice Concentration Nov 3, 2016 - Apr 18, 2017
SHIZUKU (GCOM-W1)/AMSR2/10 km Daily 89 GHz Brightness Temperature Nov 3, 2016 - Apr 18, 2017
Weekly Sea Ice Age 1984 - 2016
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