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Tropical Storm Leslie

CloudSat overpassed Tropical Storm Leslie in the Atlantic Ocean on August 31, 2012 at 1653 UTC. Leslie contained maximum sustained winds of 65 mph with a minimum central pressure of 999 mb. CloudSat overpassed directly over a developing cumulonimbus cloud with an overshooting cloud top near the center of the storm. This animation combines Cloudsat imagery with an animation of GOES weather satellite images.

Tropical Storm Leslie was moving towards the NW and experiencing moderate shear from the NE (note the lack of cirrus canopy in NE portions of the storm). CloudSat overpassed an area of buoyant tropical convection associated with strong updrafts. The overpass reveals the overshooting cloud tops extending over 17 km into the atmosphere and penetrating the lower stratosphere. The CPR signal attenuates in areas of moderate and heavy rainfall, quite evident in the region of the overshooting cloud top.

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