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NASA Goddard’s Scientific and Technical Expertise in Support of Artemis

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, we’re leveraging our scientific and technical expertise across multiple capacities, including lunar and planetary science, sun science and space weather, space communications and navigation, astronaut search and rescue, agile launch support, and in-space services, to support NASA’s Artemis initiative for a new era of crewed lunar exploration.


Rich Melnick (KBRwyle): Lead Producer
Lora Bleacher (NASA/GSFC): Lead Associate Producer
Rob Andreoli (AIMM): Narrator
Aaron E. Lepsch (ADNET): Technical Support
Lora Bleacher (NASA/GSFC): Writer
Peter H. Jacobs (NASA/GSFC): Writer
Amber C Jacobson (ASRC Federal Research and Technology Solutions): Writer
Vanessa Lloyd (InuTeq, LLC): Writer
Nancy Neal-Jones (NASA/GSFC): Writer
Joy Ng (USRA): Writer
Keith Koehler (NASA/WFF): Writer
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