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NASA Science Live: New Discoveries from Our Mission to Touch the Sun (Episode 12)

In this episode of NASA Science Live we're taking you on a journey with NASA's mission to touch the Sun - Parker Solar Probe. Parker is traveling through the Sun’s atmosphere, closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, facing brutal heat and radiation conditions — and ultimately providing humanity with the closest-ever observations of a star. And today, we have some special news that reveals new information about our Sun.


Grey Hautaluoma (NASA/HQ): Host
Karen Fox (ADNET): Host
Nicola Fox (NASA/GSFC): Talent
Nour Raouafi (Johns Hopkins University/APL): Talent
Eric Christian Ph.D. (NASA/HQ): Talent
Aleida Higginson (Johns Hopkins University/APL): Talent
Betsy Congdon (Johns Hopkins University/APL): Talent
James Kinnison (Johns Hopkins University/APL): Talent
Emily Furfaro (MORI Associates): Lead Producer
Rich Melnick (KBRwyle): Director
Scott Bednar (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
Jessica Wilde (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
John Caldwell (AIMM): Technical Director
Michael Randazzo (AIMM): Editor
Rob Andreoli (AIMM): Audio Technician
Swarupa Nune (InuTeq): Floor Director
Ryan Fitzgibbons (USRA): Videographer
Michael Starobin (KBRwyle): Videographer
Sophia Roberts (AIMM): Videographer
Micheala Sosby (NASA/GSFC): Teleprompter Operator
Pat Kennedy (KBRwyle): Video Engineer
Caleb Stern (National Institute of Aerospace): Technical Support
David L. Shelton (National Institute of Aerospace): Technical Support
Sarah Frazier (SGT): Social Media Support
Kathalina Tran (SGT): Social Media Support
Matthew Schara (National Institute of Aerospace): Graphic Designer
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