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Ben Franklin subDownload the LOOP poster to display on your wall or at your Science on a Sphere exhibit location. (Right-click on the links and choose 'Save As')

Extra! Extra! Hold the World in Your Hands!

Ben Franklin sub Does LOOP capture your imagination? Do you wish there was a wireless way to keep up with the kinds of NASA research presented in the movie? If you have an iPad, we have a great solution. Check out The Visualization Explorer, a hot new app designed specifically to deliver the latest research about our home planet and beyond. Each week we update the app with new multimedia feature stories, rich with data visualizations, animations, video, text, and more. Stories about things like climate change, solar research, hurricane monitoring, and much more come to life as only NASA can present them.

The app is free and available today on the iTunes store. Or learn more about the app on our information page at http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/nasaviz