Black Hole Week

  • Released Saturday, February 12th, 2022
  • Updated Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 at 12:00AM


This gallery brings together resources related to NASA’s Black Hole Week — videos, social media products, news stories, still images, and assets. This week is a celebration of celestial objects with gravity so intense that even light cannot escape them. Our goal is that no matter where people turn that week they will run into a black hole. (Figuratively, of course — we don’t want anyone falling in!)

Traveler Videos

The Traveler is our adventurous friend with a boundless enthusiasm for exploring the universe. A helpful narrator shares tips to keep them safe. Check out these videos to learn alongside the Traveler.

Other Traveler Media

In addition to videos, the Traveler and their friends are featured in a number of other multimedia resources. Check out these items which include safety and field guides, postcards, and wallpaper.

Black Hole Visualizations

Since we can’t visit a black hole, visualizations allow us to see aspects of their complex physics at work. Check out the weird and wonderful things we’ve learned using supercomputers and complicated algorithms.

Related Content

We’ve seen black holes flare up, shred stars, trigger star formation in other galaxies, and fire neutrinos toward Earth! These resources cover a broad range of black hole topics as well as NASA’s role in exploring them.