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GPM observes Washington DC flooding

On July 8, 2019 Washington DC experienced terrible flooding due to a rain event that drenched the city with 4 inches of rain in one hour. GPM flew over the weather event as it occurred and captured this stunning view of the extreme precipitation that inundated the region.

Visualization Credits

Greg Shirah (NASA/GSFC): Lead Data Visualizer
Alex Kekesi (GST): Data Visualizer
Gail Skofronick Jackson (NASA/GSFC): Lead Scientist
George Huffman (NASA/GSFC): Lead Scientist
Dalia B Kirschbaum (NASA/GSFC): Lead Scientist
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NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

Data provided by the joint NASA/JAXA GPM mission.

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Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)

Data Used:
IMERG 7/8/2019
GPM/DPR/Ku 7/8/2019
CPC (Climate Prediction Center) Cloud Composite 7/8/2019 00:00 - 13:30Z
GPM/GMI/Surface Precipitation 7/8/2019
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