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Comparison of Snow Cover over the USA during the Winters of 2001/2002 and 2002/2003

This animation compares snow cover between December and February of 2001-02 with the same time period in 2002-03 using 8-day composite snow maps. The snow cover from the winter of 2002-03 is shown in white while the areas that had snow in 2001-02 but not in 2002-03 are shown in blue.

Visualization Credits

Cindy Starr (Global Science and Technology, Inc.): Lead Visualizer
Dorothy Hall (NASA/GSFC): Scientist
Please give credit for this item to:
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, Kimberly Casey (SSAI), Nick Digirolamo (SSAI); The Blue Marble Next Generation data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC) and NASA's Earth Observatory.

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Data Used:
Terra/MODIS/Snow Cover 8-day composite L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG (MOD10C2)
2001/12/11 - 2002/02/21 and 2002/12/11 - 2003/02/21
Terra and Aqua/MODIS/Blue Marble: Next Generation also referred to as: BMNG
1/1/2004 - 12/31/2004
The Blue Marble data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC).
Note: While we identify the data sets used in these visualizations, we do not store any further details nor the data sets themselves on our site.

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