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Lucy’s Solar Powered Journey Continues

NASA’s Lucy mission is heading to the Jupiter Trojans – two swarms of unexplored asteroids trapped in Jupiter’s orbit. Lucy made a picture-perfect launch on October 16, 2021, but when the spacecraft began to unfurl its solar arrays, it encountered an anomaly. One of the arrays failed to fully deploy and latch shut, putting the mission at risk. For months, Lucy’s flight operations team worked meticulously to address the issue and put Lucy back on its solar-powered journey to the Jupiter Trojans.

Learn more about the effort to address Lucy’s solar array anomaly.


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Dan Gallagher (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Producer
Jonathan North (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Animator
Kel Elkins (USRA): Data Visualizer
Chris Tucker (Lockheed Martin): Videographer
Dan Gallagher (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Narrator
Ned Barbee (Lockheed Martin): Support
Lauren Duda (Lockheed Martin): Public Affairs
Nancy Neal-Jones (NASA/GSFC): Public Affairs
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