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Meet The Goddard Instrument Field Team

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has led and supported planetary analog field science campaigns for the last decade focused on addressing fundamental research and testing new instrument technologies. This video gives an overview of the Goddard Instrument Field Team, and includes footage of the unique locations they travel to and equipment they use. The capabilities developed within GIFT provide a unique resource to NASA and the external science community.



David Ladd (USRA): Lead Producer
David Ladd (USRA): Lead Video Editor
Rob Andreoli (Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc.): Videographer
David Ladd (USRA): Videographer
Molly Wasser (ADNET Systems, Inc.): Videographer
Stephen Scheidt (Howard University): Videographer
Michael Lentz (USRA): Animator
Krystofer Kim (USRA): Animator
Jerome Hruska (Self): Narrator
Kelsey Young (NASA/GSFC): Lead Scientist
Jacob Bleacher (NASA/GSFC): Scientist
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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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