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NASA Science Live: OSIRIS-REx - X Marks the Spot (Episode 13)

This episode of NASA Science Live is broadcasting live from AGU in San Francisco. We have breaking news on our satellite OSIRIS-REx which is orbiting an asteroid named Bennu - and some of its mineral fragments could be older than the solar system itself. These microscopic grains of dust could be the same ones that spewed from dying stars and eventually came together to make the Sun and its planets nearly 4.6 billion years ago. And today we'll announce the site where OSIRIS-REx will attempt to collect at least 30 sugar packets worth of dirt and rocks from Bennu's surface.

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Grey Hautaluoma (NASA/HQ): Host
Lori S. Glaze (NASA/HQ Planetary Science): Talent
Dante Lauretta (The University of Arizona): Talent
Michael Moreau (NASA/GSFC): Talent
Daniella DellaGiustina (The University of Arizona/LPL): Talent
Emily Furfaro (MORI Associates): Lead Producer
Scott Bednar (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
Jessica Wilde (National Institute of Aerospace): Associate Producer
Seth Robinson (National Institute of Aerospace): Technical Director
David L. Shelton (National Institute of Aerospace): Floor Director
Caleb Stern (National Institute of Aerospace): Videographer
Dan Gallagher (USRA): Graphics
James Tralie (ADNET Systems, Inc.): Videographer
Rich Melnick (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Director
John Caldwell (Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc.): Technical Director
Michael Randazzo (Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc.): Editor
Pat Kennedy (KBR Wyle Services, LLC): Video Engineer
Fred A. Brown (NASA/HQ): Advisor
Matthew Schara (National Institute of Aerospace): Graphic Designer
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