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International Observe the Moon Night Celebrates 10 Years of Lunar Engagement

International Observe the Moon Night is a worldwide celebration of lunar science and exploration, celestial observation, and our cultural and personal connections to the Moon. One day each year, everyone on Earth is invited to observe, learn about, and celebrate the Moon together. You can participate by attending or hosting an International Observe the Moon Night event, or by registering as a lunar observer. Connect with fellow lunar enthusiasts around the world through our Facebook page, #ObserveTheMoon on your preferred social media platform, and the International Observe the Moon Night Flickr Group

This event occurs in September or October, when the Moon is around first quarter – a great phase for evening observing. Furthermore, the best lunar observing is typically along the Moon's terminator (the line between night and day) where shadows are the longest, rather than at full Moon.

International Observe the Moon Night is sponsored by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission and the Solar System Exploration Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, with many contributing partners.

Music: "Cristal Delight" from Universal Production Music

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