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Ice Canyon

During a research flight over West Antarctica in the fall of 2011, scientists and flight crew with NASA's Operation IceBridge looked out their windows and saw what appeared to be a giant crack across the ice. Satellite imagery confirmed the view: Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf was breaking apart. The team later flew directly over the emerging rift, collecting a series of downward-looking, high-definition photographs snapped every two seconds. Pieced together, these images created a 3D model of the crack, saturated with detail. A spacious crevasse twists and turns while collapsed ice boulders rest at the foot of sheer frozen walls. Watch the visualization below to take a soaring journey over and into this model view of the 150-foot-deep ice canyon.

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Patrick Lynch (Wyle Information Systems)

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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Photographs courtesy of NASA/GSFC/Jefferson Beck

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