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MicroSpec: Revolutionary Instrument on a Chip

Scientists may finally get a glimpse at our adolescent universe from a revolutionary new technology being developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. An instrument on a chip. This new, potentially game-changing instrument, called MicroSpec, is a far-infrared spectrometer that will be 10,000 times more sensitive and infinitely smaller than it's predecessor.

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Rich Melnick (HTSI): Video Editor
Samuel Harvey Moseley (NASA/GSFC): Interviewee
Carl M. Stahle (NASA/GSFC): Interviewee
Robert C. Garner (UMBC): Narrator
Rich Melnick (HTSI): Producer
Rob Andreoli (Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc.): Videographer
Lori J. Keesey (SGT): Writer
Laura Motel (UMBC): Writer
Rich Melnick (HTSI): Writer
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center