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Launched in October 2006, STEREO traces the flow of energy and matter from the sun to Earth. It also provides unique and revolutionary views of the sun-Earth system. The mission observed the sun in 3-D for the first time in 2007. In 2009, the twin spacecraft revealed the 3-D structure of coronal mass ejections which are violent eruptions of matter from the sun that can disrupt communications, navigation, satellites and power grids on Earth.

Seeing?the whole sun front and back simultaneously will enable significant advances in space weather forecasting for Earth and for planning for future robotic and manned spacecraft missions throughout the solar system.

These views are the result of observations by NASA's two Solar TErrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) spacecraft. The duo are on diametrically opposite sides of the sun, 180 degrees apart. One is ahead of Earth in its orbit, the other trailing behind.

For the STEREO Sun360 Teaser, go here.

For the full visualization showing STEREO's path go here.

For the visualization showing STEREO's increasing coverage of the sun (visual 3) go here.

For animations from the STEREO Teaser and stages of coverage, go here.

For animations showing STEREO's 3D coverage of a CME go here.

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Tom Bridgman (GST): Lead Animator
Walt Feimer (HTSI): Animator
William T. Thompson (ADNET): Animator
Scott Wiessinger (UMBC): Video Editor
Scott Wiessinger (UMBC): Narrator
Scott Wiessinger (UMBC): Producer
Joe Gurman (NASA/GSFC): Scientist
Scott Wiessinger (UMBC): Writer
Karen Fox (ADNET): Writer
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. However, each visual should be credited as indicated above.

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