Olympic Peninsula Time Lapse with Park Boundaries: Dissolve through different dates

  • Released Friday, April 9, 1999
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The four large scenes show the Olympic Peninsula in northwestern Washington State, centered on the Olympic National Park and the national and state forests immediately surrounding the national park. Mount Olympus dominates the scene with its (usually) snow-capped peaks. Clear cutting in the national and state forests around the national park was well underway at the time of the first Landsat scene. In the late 1980s, public land use policies changed and clear cutting by the timber industry migrated from public lands to private land holdings predominately to the south of the national park. Clear cutting shows as red patches around the perimeter of the essentially pristine dark green of the national park. A set of close-up scenes showing a one mile square area to the northwest of the National Park is also available (see animation 900). North is up in all these images. The Landsat scenes use Thematic Mapper data from bands 5, 4, and 2 displayed as red, green, and blue respectively. In this color scheme, dense conifer coverage appears dark green, bare soil or cultivated land appears reddish, while the light blue on the peaks of mountains and ridges is snow.

Olympic National Park and surrounding State and National Forests (labeled)

Olympic National Park and surrounding State and National Forests (labeled)

Video slate image reads, "LandSat ImagesOlympic Peninsula, Park Boundaries markeddissolve from:29 May 1986 to 29 Mar. 1987 to 21 July 1988 to Sept. 1991".

Video slate image reads, "LandSat Images
Olympic Peninsula, Park Boundaries marked
dissolve from:
29 May 1986 to 29 Mar. 1987 to 21 July 1988 to Sept. 1991".

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