Artemis III Landing Region Candidates

  • Released Friday, August 19, 2022
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This narrated movie introduces Artemis III, reveals the mission's 13 candidate landing regions near the lunar South Pole, and briefly discusses some of the criteria that narrowed the selection to these regions.

Music provided by Universal Production Music: Best Days to Come – Matteo Pagamici and Max Molling.

This video can also be viewed on the NASA Goddard YouTube channel.

NASA has identified 13 regions near the Moon's South Pole as candidate landing regions for Artemis III, the first crewed mission to the Moon's surface since 1972. The visuals here show the locations of all 13 regions.

In this visualization rendered using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data, the view moves from a full disk image of a waning gibbous Moon to a close view of the South Pole, eventually revealing 13 candidate landing regions for the Artemis III mission.

1 of 6. This is the first of six short segments highlighting individual landing regions. This segment features the Connecting Ridge, Connecting Ridge Extended, and de Gerlache Rim 1 and 2 regions.


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