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What's in Your #LucyTimeCapsule?

Think about where you’ll be in 12 years. In what ways will you grow? What will the world be like? How do you want to mark this current moment in your life? NASA’s Lucy spacecraft will begin its 12-year journey this month, launching on Oct. 16. Lucy will fly by one main belt asteroid and seven Trojan asteroids on its mission. Over the course of this epic journey, Lucy will gather data that will allow us to study these ancient time capsules and trace the origins of our solar system. We invite you to take some time to consider your life now and envision your life 12 years from now. Join members of the NASA community in putting together your very own time capsule to track your personal milestones alongside Lucy making its way from one Trojan asteroid to the next. When you open your capsule in 2033 as Lucy completes its mission, your future self will be reminded of who you once were, what you once dreamed of, and how far you have come. Post a photo, drawing, video or other description of your time capsule on social media using #LucyTimeCapsule


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