Photon Phriday

  • Released Thursday, August 29, 2019

Photon Phriday is a weekly look at what ICESat-2 is measuring as it orbits the Earth.

Photon Phrightday: Pholcanoes

Music: "Murder Victim," "City of Ghosts," Universal Production Music

Complete transcript available.

Additional Credits: HTHH island evolution research since 2015 (RRNES supported) by James B. Garvin and Dan Slayback of NASA GSFC

Experimental raft-towed sonar (LOWRANCE) by SEA students and enabled by Columbia Univ. Prof. Vicki Ferrini (Oct. 2019)

Additional HTHH remote sensing from Maxar WorldView and CSA’s Radarsat-2 satellites (since 2015 for HTHH)

Special thanks to Prof. Lori Magruder of UTx (CSR) for processing so adeptly the ICESat-2 lidar bathymetry

Permission by Kingdom of Tonga to conduct research into the evolution of HTHH as Earth’s newest land

Video footage of HTHH from SSV Robert C. Seamans sailing vessel (SEA owned and operated) by Captain Chris Nolan (Oct. 2019 visit)


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