Trees Around the GLOBE

  • Released Friday, April 26th, 2019
  • Updated Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 at 1:45PM

We live, play and work with trees everywhere around the globe. The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign commenced on September 15, 2018 in conjunction with NASA's ICESat-2 satellite launch on the same date at 6:02am PDT. The ICESat-2 satellite uses an on-board laser altimeter system to measure the height of Earth. Measurements of ice sheets, sea ice, trees, bodies of water, mountains are all part of what ICESat-2 measures. The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign is a GLOBE Program campaign focusing on tree height - one of the measurements conducted by the ICESat-2 mission. As part of the GLOBE Program, students and teachers from 121 countries can participate in the campaign, share their data around the world, and collaborate with students and teachers to design research projects based on the data collected within GLOBE and from the NASA ICESat-2 Mission. Please visit the campaign website at

Tree height is not just a measurement - it is a gateway to understanding many things about the environment. The structure of tree canopies, the 3D arrangement of individual trees, has a huge effect on how ecosystems function and cycle through carbon, water, and nutrients. Scientists from the ICESat-2 Mission will periodically review the tree height data collected by the GLOBE community throughout this campaign. The data will allow scientists to use it as satellite data validation and in potential professional research.

Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign.

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Footage submitted by Ashley and Harald Gundacker, Katherine Lewis, Katie Wright, Emily Fitzgibbons, Leysin American School, Kate Ramsayer, Sol Petit-Scott, Esawiyeh Junior High School for Boys, Lily Wagner, Valerie Casasanto, Marija Krajnik, Katy Mersmann, and Jefferson Beck.


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