Cryosphere | Episode 2: The Snow Below

  • Released Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Music: "Cristal Delight," Fred Dubois [SACEM]; "Life Defrosts," Richard Andrew Canavan [PRS]; "Locate," Neil Pollard [PRS]; "CSI," Anthony Edwin Phillips [PRS]; "Swish," Charles Stephens III [ASCAP], Stephan Sechi [ASCAP]; "Natural Beauty," Benjamin Stefanski [PRS]

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Snow is one part of the cryosphere that many of us have actually encountered, but it also plays a crucial role in regulating Earth’s climate. Through decades of remote sensing, NASA has kept a close eye on the ebb and flow of snow cover. NASAExplorers also venture into the field at the far reaches of Earth to study snow, a critical resource for the millions of people who rely on it for drinking water.


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