Hubble Traveling Exhibit

  • Released Monday, August 1, 2016
  • Updated Monday, January 30, 2017 at 3:53PM
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Promo video for the Hubble Traveling Exhibit

Music credit: "Political Turbulence" by Richard Canavan; Sound Pocket Music PRS; Killer Tracks Production Music

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Hubble's "New Views of the Universe" traveling exhibit immerses visitors in the magnificence and mystery of the Hubble mission and introduces the James Webb Space Telescope.

If you are considering hosting the exhibit, you may explore the different sections of the installation in these videos. If you are currently hosting the exhibit, you are welcome to share this short promotional video.

A special thank you to the Buffalo State University Planetarium, Buffalo, NY and its students for supporting the production of this video.

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Exhibit section 200 - entrance tunnel

Exhibit section 300 - centerpiece

Exhibit section 310 - servicing mission tools

Exhibit section 400 - Planets

Exhibit section 500 - Stars

Exhibit section 600 - Galaxies

Exhibit section 700 - Universe

Exhibit section 800 - JWST and Hubble theater


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