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The mission of the Scientific Visualization Studio is to facilitate scientific inquiry and outreach within NASA programs through visualization. To that end, the SVS works closely with scientists in the creation of visualization products, systems, and processes in order to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at Goddard Space Flight Center and within the NASA research community.

All the visualizations created by the SVS (currently totalling over 5,500) are accessible to you through this Web site. More recent animations are provided as MPEG-4s, MPEG-2s, and MPEG-1s. Some animations are available in high definition as well as NTSC format. Where possible, the original digital images used to make these animations have been made accessible. Lastly, high and low resolution stills, created from the visualizations, are included, with previews for selective downloading.

Our Latest Visualization
ISEE-3 (ICE) Revisits Earth
One of Our Most Popular Visualizations
Antarctic Bedrock
Top-down view of the orbit of ISEE-3(ICE) relative to the inner solar system.  We see the orbit alternates with the spacecraft occasionally closer, then further from the Sun that Earth.

ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer) was a mission launched in 1978 and was the first spacecraft to orbit the Earth-Sun L1 (Wikipedia: Lagrange) point. Its primary mission complete, it was renamed the International Cometary Explorer (ICE) and its orbit was altered to measure the electrodynamic environments of comets Giacobini-Zinner...
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The complete narrated animation with labels and flight paths.

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Above: Move bar to compare the bedrock topography (left) to the ice sheet surface (right).Download HTML to embed this in your web page.

The topography of the bedrock under the Antarctic Ice Sheet is critical to understanding the dynamic motion of the ice sheet, its thickness...
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Items of Interest

This image shows the SSMI September minimum sea ice concentration for September, 2004. The red line indicates the average September minimum sea ice extent derived from the average of monthly data between 10/1978 and 9/2002.  Link takes you to a listing of narrated movies that the SVS has helped create.
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