Transcripts of 14209_Hypermassive_QPO_Simulation_Zoom_YOUTUBE_1080

[00:00:00.00] [Rising tone]
[00:00:04.00] [Slowly rising tone]
[00:00:08.00] [Slowly rising tone]
[00:00:12.00] [Slowly rising tone]
[00:00:16.00] [Slowly rising tone]
[00:00:20.00] [Tone rises more quickly]
[00:00:24.00] [Rising tone]
[00:00:28.00] [Tone and volume rise even more quickly]
[00:00:32.00] [Tone and volume rise]
[00:00:36.00] [Tone and volume rise more quickly]
[00:00:40.00] [Tone and volume rise to peak and then change to oscillating tone at lower volume]
[00:00:44.00] [Tone bounces between two frequencies]
[00:00:48.00] [Tone still bounces between two frequencies but difference is less]
[00:00:52.00] [Tone steadily bounces between frequencies]
[00:00:56.00] [Frequency bounce increases in difference]
[00:01:00.00] [Tone bounce continues to increase]
[00:01:04.00] [Tone bounce lowers in frequency]
[00:01:08.00] [Tone bounce continues to lower and have greater difference in frequencies]
[00:01:12.00] [Tone bounce steadies]
[00:01:16.00] [Tone bounce speeds up and settles toward middle frequency]
[00:01:20.00] [Tone continues to speed up and narrow]
[00:01:24.00] [Tone bounce steadies at speed and range]
[00:01:30.00] [Audio fades out with picture]