Transcripts of Nancy'sLegacy_1080

[Nancy Grace Roman’s Legacy] [Music throughout] Neta Bahcall: I’ve always admired Nancy for many reasons, for her personality, for her determination, and strength of character. For being always a straight-shooter, no-nonsense person and knowing how to get things done. Ed Weiler: And what most astronomers don’t know, even though there are thousands and thousands and thousands, and that’s not an overstatement, of astronomers today who owe their careers, who owe their careers to the Hubble Space Telescope data. That is getting Hubble Space Telescope helped them publish, helped them get promoted, helped them tenure, etc, etc etc. They owe that debt of gratitude to Nancy Roman because she made this system happen. Bonnie Patterson: While I never had the privilege of meeting Dr. Roman, I’m inspired to be working the observatory with her namesake. Neta: She has been a role model not only for me but for many other scientists, especially women scientists. Bonnie: As a woman in STEM, I’ve met my share of adversity and bias over the years, and I’m so proud and privileged to be working on such an amazing mission that has chosen to honor one of the first women pioneers in this field. Neta: She has been a remarkable role model, a remarkable scientist, and leader, and so excited to have this telescope named after my colleague and friend, Nancy Roman. Ed: NASA naming the WFIRST telescope after Nancy Roman was long overdue. I give high credit to NASA, they have succeeded where others have failed in terms of recognizing this woman who has had such an impact on the field of space astronomy. When Nancy came to NASA there was no space astronomy, period. There was ground-based astronomy. Everybody did astronomy from the ground and were stuck looking through that yucky atmosphere we have above us. Nancy made things happen. Bonnie: I would like to take this opportunity to say how privileged we are at L3Harris to work on the mission and to say ‘thank you’ to Nancy Grace Roman for paving the way for the rest of us. I wouldn’t be here without women like you. [Music] [Music] [Music]