Transcripts of Simulated Image 60 second Roman

[Music throughout] Narrator: The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will capture images unlike any satellite before it. The Roman Space Telescope will have the same image resolution as Hubble, but will cover an area 100 times larger. To see what the sky will look like to Roman, scientists use special processing techniques to create simulated images. In this case, they began with a Hubble mosaic of Andromeda, one of the closest galaxies to our own. This mosaic was created out of over 400 individual Hubble images. Roman will be able to create a similar mosaic with just two images. The simulated image is not just special because of its size, however. It also shows Andromeda as it will appear through Romans’s optics and infrared filters. With an unprecedented combination of breadth and depth, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will open a new era in viewing our universe.