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[00:00:00.00] [music throughout] Narrator: Black Hole 101: How To Be Safe Around A Black Hole.
[00:00:04.00] First of all, the good news is that as long as you stay far away,
[00:00:08.00] black holes aren’t all that bad. However, as you get closer, you need to keep [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Not Safe” indicating a very small area around the black hole; “Safe” filling most of the surrounding space]
[00:00:12.00] a few things in mind. The radiation around the black hole can be extremely deadly,
[00:00:16.00] the chances of escape get slimmer the closer you get, and, if you get close enough, [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Safe” indicating paths away from the black hole; “No” indicating paths toward the black hole]
[00:00:20.00] you now have to worry about being stretched into a giant noodle and time getting really weird.
[00:00:24.00] So, unless you have great radiation shields, a faster-than-light spaceship,
[00:00:28.00] or you’re completely indestructible, you should probably just stay away.
[00:00:32.00] Thanks for watching, and please…stay safe out there. [music ends]
[00:00:36.00] [silence]
[00:00:40.00] [silence]