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[00:00:00.00] [music throughout]] Narrator: Black Hole 101: How To Find A Black Hole.
[00:00:05.00] Though technically, black holes could just sneak up behind you, the likely won’t—the nearest known one is 3,000
[00:00:09.00] light-years away anyway. However, if you WERE to go looking for one,
[00:00:13.00] there are a couple of good ways to find them. First, black holes tend to mess
[00:00:17.00] with their environment, so you can sometimes use interesting clues, such as a bunch of stuff [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Orbiting Stars”]
[00:00:21.00] orbiting what appears to be…nothing. And second, there’s often [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Orbiting Stars”]
[00:00:25.00] glowing stuff orbiting around them caused by, well, when things get too close.
[00:00:29.00] Thanks for watching, and please…stay
[00:00:33.00] safe out there. [music ends]
[00:00:37.00] [silence]