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[00:00:00.00] [music throughout] Narrator: Black Hole 101: What A Black Hole Is NOT.
[00:00:05.00] First, a black hole is actually not a hole. It’s a physical object in space!
[00:00:09.00] Second, a black hole is not a cosmic vacuum cleaner. Third,
[00:00:13.00] a black hole is not a portal, especially not one leading you to a dimension
[00:00:17.00] populated by unicorns and space potatoes. And finally, a black hole is--
[00:00:21.00] and I shouldn’t have to say this—NOT a good place for a vacation.
[00:00:25.00] Thanks for watching, and please…stay safe out there. [music ends]
[00:00:29.00] [silence]
[00:00:33.00] [silence]