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[00:00:00.00] [music throughout] Narrator: Black Hole 101: What Is A Black Hole? A black hole
[00:00:04.00] is a physical object in space, just like everything else. It’s made up of a tiny
[00:00:08.00] but massive point where gravity and density are infinite, a line beyond which everything, [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Singularity”]
[00:00:12.00] including light, can only fall INTO that tiny point, and sometimes, some glowing stuff [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Event Horizon”]
[00:00:16.00] orbiting around it…and maybe some radiation. So basically, here [ONSCREEN TEXT: “Accretion Disk” and “Radiation Cones”]
[00:00:20.00] is kinda bad, here is really bad, and here is safe. [SCENE DESCRIPTION: “Kinda bad” pointers point at radiation cones, “really bad” pointers point at the event horizon and center of the black hole, and “safe” pointers indicate the rest of the scene.]
[00:00:24.00] Thanks for watching, and please…stay safe out there. [music ends]
[00:00:28.00] [silence]
[00:00:32.00] [silence]