Transcripts of Landsat9_teaser_20200723_twitter

[Music] From its beginning, NASA has always kept one eye looking back at Earth. . For five decades, Landsat satellites have provided a continuous, seamless record of Earth’s land surface. With unmatched longevity, accuracy, and coverage, they are the cornerstone of global land imaging. . Landsat 9 continues this tradition, and will carry us into the next fifty years of Earth observations. The two instruments on-board will make the most advanced measurements of any Landsat satellite. . Sending back 14-bit data, ready for analysis, while collecting more data than ever before. . Landsat 9’s technical improvements will enable advances in science: monitoring coastal waters mapping ice velocity improved surface temperature readings . The science data from Landsat 9 will be used to predict crop yields, manage our water resources, and assess the health of forest ecosystems. . Landsat 9 is bringing Earth into clear focus every year, every season, everywhere around the globe. .