Transcripts of TESS_First_Year_1minute

Narrator: TESS, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, is NASA’s newest planet hunter.  Here are some of the noteworthy discoveries from its first year. [TEXT: TESS’s first year of science] In September, the TESS team released its first sector image, a large strip of sky monitored for 27 days. [TEXT: First science image] By the end of 2018, astronomers announced the missions first new exoplanets. [TEXT: First planets] A few months later, astronomers announced the discovery of TESS’s first Earth-size exoplanet. [TEXT: Earth-size exoplanet, HD 21749 c] The multiplanet systems TESS is finding have much to teach us. [TEXT: Multiplanet systems] TESS has also spotted comets, both in our own solar system [TEXT: Comet C/2018 N1] and orbiting other stars. [TEXT: Beta Pictoris comets] TESS’s cameras even catch many supernovae, bright explosions that mark the deaths of stars, from their very start. [TEXT: Spotting supernovae] After just one year, TESS has already expanded our understanding of new worlds close home and exploding stars beyond our galaxy.