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(music) (music) Shannon Rodriguez-Sanabria : Hi, my name is Shannon Rodriguez-Sanabria. I am the branch head for the Flight Microwave and Communications Systems Branch. In 2003 I had the opportunity to come as an intern an I was in a microwave group and had a fantastic experience. I met many people, some of which were my mentors during my career and the experience was so good that then I had an opportunity and my boss extended me a full time job. (music) In Goddard I've had incredible experiences, but the experience that I liked the most was when I was a part of the group that worked in the Aquarius SAC-D Mission and I was lucky enough to be with this group until the end, until the mission was launched. I had international experiences and it was such a wonderful experience for me to be a part of different cultures. and I still remember it fondly. (music) I have definitely felt super included as part of the Goddard group. I've had a magnificent career and have had many opportunities: opportunities of training, opportunities of work, and opportunities of different positions and I think that all of this has made for an excellent career. (music) Goddard is unique in the sense that when you are here at Goddard it's like you are at a huge university. There are a lot of different types of people. Everyone has a different style and clothing. Everything is accepted; there are different nationalities and there's a lot of disciplines. Disciplines that sometimes you wouldn't imagine would be in a flight center. (music) Goddard's effort for D&I has had an impact on me in different ways. Number one, I had the opportunity since I arrived, to participate in a group where the theme was what was going on with new employees. We had the opportunity to influence several processes for new employees. Then as a part of this group, I also had the opportunity to participate at the center level in the center committee that looks at the Goddard system for all D&I efforts. I also had the opportunity to participate in specialized training that the center has acquired for topics on D&I, like generations and race for example. (music) The focus of the center in D&I efforts is definitely important as we continue having and forming a culture and a group at Goddard that feels included, represented, heard and that contributes to the final product at Goddard. Also, as we continue moving forward to the future, it's important that other groups that may arise also feel that they will be heard. (music) (music) (music)