Transcripts of 13030_TESS_Comet_1080

[00:00:00.05] [This is early data from the testing phase of NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).]
[00:00:06.22] [It captured not only a comet, but also a number of other interesting features.]
[00:00:18.53] [NEOWISE Comet C/2018 N1]
[00:00:24.65] [Notice how the comet tail changes direction.]
[00:00:30.89] [This change is due to the solar wind.]
[00:00:36.94] [These are variable stars whose brightness changes over time.]
[00:00:42.95] [All the other fixed spots are stars. Their appearance results from image processing that
[00:00:49.03] makes the comet and variable stars more visible.]
[00:00:57.28] [TESS even saw a faint wisp of reflected light coming from Mars.]
[00:01:15.66] [Last, but not least, this view is filled with asteroids. They're visible as small moving white dots.]
[00:01:21.79] [Quickly running the video back and forth makes their movement more apparent.]