Photon Jump



Transcripts of PHOTON_JUMP_FINAL_SND4_NewPP_large [photons cheering] [photons cheering] Pho: No, no, no, no... Computer Voice: Attention, photons, prepare to measure Earth's changing ice. Laser pulse: 22A4 departs in 5... 4...3... 2... [clock ticking down] 1. [photons cheering] [photons all cheering, yelling] [cheering and yelling decreases] [photons cheering] [impact on ice] [photons cheering, music builds] [Pho struggles, music builds] [music] [Pho sighs] [music, Pho sighs] [beep, beep] [beeping, quiet sighs] [Pho gasps] [music builds, Pho struggles] [music] [music] [music, Pho shouts] [music starts again, Pho struggling] [Pho sighs relief, music] [music] [large door closes] [Pho sighs, music swells] Computer Voice: Excellent job, Pho, your travel time has been recorded. Let's add it to the elevation dataset. Ready the next group! [Pho cheers] [bouncing] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music]