Transcripts of 12517 eclipse safety wpost

music thoughout Male Narrator: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the eclipse. All carry-on items should now be stowed. All electronic devices should be turned off and, for your own safety, please give us your undivided attention. We want to prepare you to safely watch this exciting event. Female Narrator: Do not look directly at the sun, even during an eclipse. You have several viewing options available. First are eclipse glasses, available at many community centers. Check to make sure they're not scratched, then fasten tightly across your face. Do not be alarmed if everything appears very dark. look at the sun and you will be able to see the eclipse. Male Narrator: In the case of not having eclipse glasses, simply use a pinhole viewer. Make a pinhole in any piece of cardboard or paper, and hold it up to the sun. But don't look at the paper. Look at a projection of the light streaming onto a surface. Female Narrator: You can also make a projector out of a box. There's a pinhole and a viewfinder on this side. On this side is a white piece of paper for the projection. Put the sun behind you and then look inside at the eclipse. Male Narrator: In the unlikely event that you are unable to use a pinhole viewer, simply use your hands. But remember to look at the projection not at your fingers. Female Narrator: Don't look at the sun through a telescope without an appropriate filter or through the viewfinder of a camera. Don't even do this with eclipse glasses on, as the concentrated light could damage the glasses. Male Narrator: We are pleased to announce that for a short period of time you may view the eclipse directly. This is only in areas where there is a total eclipse and only for the short period of time when the moon completely covers the sun. Once there is no light coming at you, you have entered a phase called totality. You may now look directly at the eclipse safely. Male Narrator: You'll know the eclipse has reached totality when everything looks pitch black through your eclipse glasses. It is now safe to remove them. Depending on your location, totality may only last a minute or two. Please check your local community sources for timing information in your area. Female Narrator: Please return to your indirect viewing method before the first flash of sunlight appears around the edges of the moon Male Narrator: Thank you for attention. Please enjoy the rest of your eclipse viewing. Both Narrators: Keep watching the friendly skies! tone beeping beeping