Transcripts of 12505_Fermi_M31_1080p

[00:00:00.06] ♪Music♪
[00:00:05.12] M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, is the closest galaxy like our own
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[00:00:14.29] Now, NASA's Fermi mission reports a strange gamma-ray signal at its center
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[00:00:26.43] This could be a signal of mysterious dark matter
[00:00:32.53] Or the collective glow of many spinning neutron stars, called pulsars
[00:00:39.66] Astronomers don't yet know
[00:00:45.77] Fermi has found a similar unexplained signal at the center of our own galaxy
[00:00:51.86] By exploring M31, Fermi may be able to tell us what's going on much closer to home
[00:00:59.96] [Beeping]