Transcripts of APPLE_TV_12147_2016_eclipse_science_V3_appletv

Music, Nelson: We have just 2 and a half minutes. None of the instruments can crash. The computer cannot crash. Until you see those first images, showing up on the computer screen, that's a tense feeling. music music Nat: We go to Indonesia, we set up the experiment, and we are going to observe very close to the solar surface and how the physical conditions of the corona are. Nelson: What we are trying to learn from this experiment is how capable the polarization camera is. Nat: People used to have a filter wheel and a polarizer wheel. So, now the polarization camera automatically gives you all the polarization values. We have cut down the length of time required by 50%. Nelson: The images taken through those 4 color filters would allow us to measure the temperature and also the windspeed. Nat: You know, you wait for months and years before you can see this. This is an outstanding opportunity to see the beauty in nature. Tone Beeping