Transcripts of Fermi_Binary_Pulsar-Captions

[00:00:00.02] [No Audio]
[00:00:04.06] [Bwaaam]
[00:00:08.11] [Bwaaam]
[00:00:12.12] [Bwaam] When we started watching it, we
[00:00:16.15] had no idea how dynamic this system was. [Music]
[00:00:20.19] [Music]
[00:00:24.20] We still don't know what it's capable of. [Whoosh]
[00:00:28.25] [Bwaaam] The only way these readings make
[00:00:32.28] sense is if this pulsar is orbiting a star.
[00:00:36.34] We've never seen one in an orbit this long. The binary
[00:00:40.34] companion is one of the brightest stars in our galaxy, and the pulsar is going to
[00:00:44.36] pass incredibly close to it! This pulsar has been
[00:00:48.43] accelerating for the last ten years, and it's still speeding up.
[00:00:52.45] [Bwaam]
[00:00:56.54] When it passes through the companion star's disk, we're gonna see some serious
[00:01:00.57] gamma-ray emission. Fermi will be watching in
[00:01:04.62] gamma rays. It has the tools.
[00:01:08.68] [Music]
[00:01:12.73] [Music]
[00:01:16.78] There's so much we can learn from this.
[00:01:20.84] [Music]
[00:01:24.88] [Wwraum]
[00:01:28.90] We're going to need a bigger hard drive
[00:01:32.94] [Wwraum] [indistinct radio voices]
[00:01:37.01] [indistinct radio voices]
[00:01:41.05] [Beeping]
[00:01:45.12] [Beeping]
[00:01:49.17] [Beeping]