Transcripts of G2014-092_MMSlaunch

[00:00:00.05] tone
[00:00:04.10] [music, SFX]
[00:00:08.16] Gary Davis: Hello, I'm Gary Davis. I'm on the systems engineering team
[00:00:12.19] for the MMS Mission. MMS is going to study magnetic
[00:00:16.23] reconnection between the Earth and the sun. There's our launch
[00:00:20.27] on our Atlas VI launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral air force station.
[00:00:24.30] Now we are flying above Florida, and the first stage has separated.
[00:00:28.35] The second stage puts us into orbit.
[00:00:32.42] The fairing that protects us during launch will jettison.
[00:00:36.46] And you can see all 4 MMS space craft inside.
[00:00:40.52] Each one gets deployed sequentially
[00:00:44.56] and then you will see the deployments that we have. We have 3 different
[00:00:48.60] types of deployments. The first one is our
[00:00:52.64] magnetometer boom. It is on the underside of the spacecraft.
[00:00:56.67] You'll see the hinge locks open up and then the booms will deploy
[00:01:00.71] one at a time. They have a shoulder joint and an elbow joint, just like
[00:01:04.73] your arm. So, those are our 2 arms opening up.
[00:01:08.76] Our next deployment is the SDP booms. Those are spheres at
[00:01:12.80] the end of 60 meter-long wire cables.
[00:01:16.82] And then our third deployment is along the spin axis of the spacecraft.
[00:01:20.86] You'll see the ADP antennae and the ADP
[00:01:24.90] booms will deploy along the plus and minus Z axis.
[00:01:28.93] And those are all of our deployments.
[00:01:32.98] Each spacecraft has those three instruments that are deployed.
[00:01:37.00] And we have four spacecraft in formation that you'll see in the video.
[00:01:41.03] And we fly in a tetrahedron to get three dimensional
[00:01:45.05] magnetic information.
[00:01:49.10] beeping