Transcripts of G2014-058 Intern Profile Dhanesh MASTER

[music] [music] [music] When I was four, we went on vacation to Disney World, but the main part of that that caught my attention was we went to the Kennedy Space Center, and when I was there, I instantly just fell in love with space and astronomy and wanted to be an astronaut. My name is Dhanesh Krishnarao. I usually go by "DK" here. I'm a rising senior at American University studying physics and math. So this summer, my research project I'm working on is to develop a system where spacecraft operators can look up specific space weather conditions near their spacecraft. Space weather is getting really important now, especially since there are more and more dependencies on satellites and technology. Different space weather events can cause radio blackouts, knock out GPS systems. So I think what I'm doing is going to really help out with making sure that the least damage is done. So the most exciting thing I've done this summer is probably one of the days when all the other forecasters were busy. At this time no one else was free; they were all attending conferences. But they decided to put me in charge for the day. I think Goddard is a great place to be. Everyone is very enthusiastic. Since last summer, as soon as I got here, I loved everything here. One of the main things I liked here a lot was being able to play ultimate frisbee every Tuesday and Thursday with all the NASA employees. I mean overall, I just love being at Goddard. Everyone here is very nice and it's been a great experience. [beep beep... beep beep... beep beep...]