Transcripts of G2014-024 Heliophysics Work-Study Students master

NARRATOR>> How can we provide STEM opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups? Here at Goddard, Internal Research and Development is funding a program for high school students to come do innovative research with NASA heliophysics scientists. MIN>> Our school has a special program called Science and Technology, and an option is you can have an internship at a research institute, and I chose to do NASA. CHRISTIAN>> At my school we have a corporate work-study program, so everybody goes to work one day a week. Last year, the junior year, when we started covering stuff about the Sun, after school my teacher kinda told me more about it, and it kinda set me up for that position. NARRATOR>> The Heliophysics Work-Study and Academic Year Internship Program compares the effectiveness of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School's work-study program and Eleanor Roosevelt High School's STEM Academic Year Research Experience Program. In both cases, the students get to have exciting new learning experiences. GEORGIA>> My students that I'm mentoring have been focusing on using images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory to identify jets, and we're trying to understand together how these particles are escaping the Sun. They're looking at these images, they have to decipher between various phenomena on the SUn, and really identify specific jets that are associated with events that we see in space at the same time. MIN>> I realized that working at NASA was not all about lab coats and beakers. Now I know how to do statistical analysis on my data. I can now actually write a research paper. CHRISTIAN>> I think aerospace engineering is what I'll most likely do in college, either that or physics. I'm really hoping to go to St. Louis University next near. I think this program was a huge help in getting into these programs, because my GPA I wouldn't say is the greatest. Coming to these colleges with a background of research is a huge help. GEORGIA>> The value of working with students like this is really two-fold. One, I benefit from the enthusiasm they bring, and also just a new perspective that they bring as well. Also, they are getting some of the work done, which is fabulous. NARRATOR>> Benefits for the mentors, benefits for the students - the Heliophysics Work-Study and Academic Year Internship Program is opening doors for underserved demographics of students and is great for everyone involved. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ]