Transcripts of Bill paradis meet the team

(Music) Bill Paradis: I've been working at Goddard on and off since 1992. I actually worked on the project before GPM called TRIMM, the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission. They say, "Bill what do you bring to the table with your planning and scheduling?" I generally say I bring the table. What that entails is laying out the schedules for all the subsystems. To get the spacecraft designed and fabricated and built and assembled and tested. It takes a lot of coordination and it takes one person or a few people, to sort of track the schedule. I'm hoping that this latest and greatest in weather forecasting comes along that, if the weather folks are saying that it's going to snow, it's going to snow and the schools are going to be closed. As opposed to having snow days and there's not one flake of snow out on the back yard. I'm really hoping that. that comes true because if they don't, they're going to be asking me what happened. (sfx raindrops) (beeping)